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Metaverse Web Showcase: Free Multiuser Experiences Embedded in Your Website

Zach Fox, Developer Relations Dec 20 2022

Most businesses have a unique presence on the Web where owners can display their products, services, and personalities on any device with a browser. With Metaverse Web Showcase, available today, anyone can quickly embed a fully immersive, 3D, multiuser experience into their traditional 2D website - for free, and with no programming required.

Web Showcases are customizable spaces containing up to nine of your documents, images, videos, or links. By clicking a unique link, two or more visitors can simultaneously interact with your content and with each other, communicating via Dolby spatialized voice chat.

Go beyond the limits of content defined by a scrollbar, improve customer engagement, increase conversion, and bring the Metaverse to your website in 15 minutes - just like we have below:

Metaverse Web Showcase is powered by Croquet OS, the Web’s most advanced synchronization system. It allows developers to build experiences that enable multiple users to interact within a shared, identical environment. To learn more about Croquet OS, visit its official homepage.

Interested in trying out the Metaverse Web Showcase?

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