The Microverse World Builder is a development platform for the Open Metaverse that extends the next generation of Web and Mobile. It is built on the existing infrastructure of the web, which web developers are already familiar with.

Place your favorite 3D model, join your friends, or build your own world. With the Croquet Microverse World Builder, you own your space. We just provide the tools to get there.

Want to share your creation? Your Microverse can be published and viewed anywhere, on any device with a URL or a QR code scan.

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Collaborative Construction

Designers and programmers work together in a live environment. Never need to reload.

Card Creation

Every object in a Croquet Microverse™ is a card. Cards can be constructed by simply dropping an SVG or 3D model into the world. Cards can be grouped together into decks, where each card provides a unique capability.

Drag & Drop

Import 2D and 3D objects, scripts, and components dynamically. Enable cards to access external data streams that can then be displayed in all participating systems in a session.


These define how the card acts when a user or another card interacts with it. Behaviors computation is replicated on all user systems, providing a perfect, bit-identical shared experience.


No Backend Development

Applications are structured into a shared and a local part, but both parts are executed locally and developed using only client-side tools. The Croquet library takes care of the rest.

Live Integration with Existing IDE’s

Use the same tools you use to today to create and manage your code and content or use the in-world IDE. See live updates to both as you’re working.


Enable cards to access external data streams that can then be displayed in all participating systems in a session.

Publish your World to Your Domain

Host your multiuser Microverse where it’s needed and where clients and partners expect to see it. Export your Microverse and share it anywhere.

Live Scripting Environments

Watch your elements update live with our in-world text editor.


Built with Croquet OS

Rapid development, global infrastructure and tools developers already know. Build realtime, multiuser shared experiences with Croquet.


Shared virtual machines for bit-identical views for all participants.

Shared Apps

Text editors, annotation tools, whiteboards and other collaborative apps available in our suite for your microverse build.

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